Hello, welcome to Skep Cottage. The tiny house turned studio for myself and my Husband was named after a traditional English honeybee enclosure called a skep. Skeps are still used worldwide today and crafted by master weavers in the UK and other countries of the world. I decided to start this site to share the musings and wanderings of an itinerant painter, lazy cook, and haphazard gardener. As you browse, you’ll see my work as a painter, posts from shoe leather express, recipes both classic and original and musings on life at Skep cottage and beyond. Hope you will take a look and thank you for visiting. *Please note all content on this site/blog (including artwork, writing, Poetry, recipes, and photography) is produced by me and is my sole property and copyright unless otherwise noted. ~K. Standley Skep Cottage Studio

Antique woodblock print of a bee skep